The following sites offer recipes and help with meal planning.

Culinary Kidney Cooks
Offers a sample renal recipe, from the dialysis diet cookbook "Cooking for David" and also gives a holiday meal plan with chart.

DaVita dialysis corporation dietitians share a selection of recipes.

The Renal Gourmet
Offers a recipe of the month, and a dessert of the day, as samples from their cookbook.

Irish Kidney Association
A variety of pork, beef, chicken, lamb, fish, salad, and bread recipes for people on a renal diet.

The following sites offer calculators and tools to help you create
or convert your own recipes.

Creating a Healthy Menu
A Computer Program Especially for Kidney Patients and for Everyone Else

Nutrition Analysis Tools and System (NATS)
If you are interested in analyzing the nutrient content of foods, this site provides a handy tool. Also has tools to estimate energy used in exercise.

Nutrition Analysis Tool v2

USDA National Nutrient Database
Use this database to view reports on foods by single nutrients, such as calcium or niacin or access tables for a complete analysis of a selected food item.


Last updated on: February 22, 2008